Litho for VS Code is a small extension that dramatically improves language support for developers working with GraphQL in VS Code. Litho implements the full 2021 GraphQL spec, comes with a fault-tolerant parser, intelligent auto-complete and code assistance and requires zero-configuration.

Getting Started


Litho will automatically index all GraphQL files it can find in your workspace, except for any files included in your .gitignore.


If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us through chat on our website.


Litho comes with a bunch of useful features that you need to write effective GraphQL.
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Intelligent Auto-Complete

Litho provides context-aware, detailed completions that will help you write GraphQL type-systems, queries, and mutations in no time.
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Spec Compliant

Litho implements the full 2021 GraphQL spec, catching more than 120 different types of hard-to-find bugs before your code hits production.
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Litho automatically indexes all GraphQL files it can find in your workspace and starts providing intelligent assistance in a fraction of a second.
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Fault-Tolerant Parsing

Litho can automatically diagnose and correct syntax errors, and continue to give accurate code completions, bringing you the best GraphQL development experience on the market.
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Incremental Compilation

Litho is written in Rust and uses incremental compilation to minimize our CPU and memory footprint on your machine and to give accurate code assistance in single-digit milliseconds.
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Litho parses all of your existing Markdown-formatted GraphQL documentation and shows it in a neat tooltip alongside type inference information whenever you hover over a symbol.
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Transitive Type Checking

Litho transitively checks fragment definitions for missing variable definitions, type mismatches in variable usages, and unmergeable selection sets.
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Auto-Import Remote Schemas

Litho can import schemas from remote URLs and automatically refresh them to integrate the latest changes.