Version 1.2.0

In this version, we’ve added support for WebAssembly to our LSP implementation. Essentially this means that you can now use our language server for providing code assistance in the browser too. However, it’s a pretty rough first version and comes with some limitations.


  • Complete Litho LSP running in your browser.
  • Same incremental compiler running underneath.
  • Less than 1MB after gzip compression.


  • We don’t have much documentation on our WASM implementation yet.
  • It doesn’t yet support the full LSP spec yet. This is a limitation of our protocol implementation in WASM, not something inherent to the LSP.
  • We don’t support the import directive in our WASM implementation yet.
Having said that, you can try it out yourself on our homepage.

Version 1.1.0

In this version, we’ve added support for our import directive that lets you automatically download and periodically refresh schemas from a remote source (e.g. your API server).
extend schema @litho(import: "")
We’ve also implemented a formatter that it’s used to automatically pretty print schemas downloaded from those remotes.
type Human
Character { id : ID !}
type Human implements Character {
    id: ID!
And we’ve implemented support for virtual documents in VS Code so you can still cmd-click to go to definitions of types even though they’re not physically stored on your own PC.